What to Plant for Fall Color in Rochester, NY

Fall color trees along a dirt road

During fall, Rochester turns into a breathtaking view of vibrant colors. The fall foliage creates a colorful scenery, enhancing a beautiful outdoor experience during the season. 

While this is a fun experience, you can bring some of it home by creating your garden. Knowing what to plant for fall color in Rochester will improve your overall gardening experience. Are you trying to decide on the best planting options? Continue reading to learn more. 

This article will provide expert suggestions on some of the most attractive plants for a fall garden. But before we dive fully into that, let’s settle the longstanding debate on whether fall is a great time to plant in Rochester.

Is Fall a Great Time to Plant in Rochester, NY?

While some believe spring is a good time to plant, others believe fall is better. Both are great planting seasons, but fall offers better planting days than spring. 

Planting in spring allows weeds and spring pests to compete with your garden plants. But during fall, pest problems are almost non-existent. Additionally, fall planting presents strong plant growth because shrubs, trees, and perennials have enough time and opportunity to establish strong roots. 

To have a garden with thriving and beautiful plants in upstate New York, Fall is the best time to plant.

What Can You Plant for Fall Color in Rochester, NY?

You have many attractive plants to grow to create a great fall color in your garden. Below are some expert suggestions you may explore.

Black Gum Wildfire Tree

Fall colors. Black gum wildfire tree

Planting a Black Gum Wildfire is a great way to add a colorful touch to your fall garden. Its pristine dark green color can change to red, purple, and orange in September, offering you an excellent selection for your landscape. Fall is the best time to plant it because it grows slowly and needs all the time to establish its roots. 

The tree is pyramidal and grows as high as 40 feet. Additionally, it can live for as long as 70 years. Planting it in your garden could mean having a plant that’ll live your entire life.  

When planting Black Gum Wildfire, ensure the soil is moist and well-fertilized. Couple this with planting the tree under a moderate shade, and you’re good to go.

October Glory Maple Tree

Fall color. October glory maple tree

The October Glory Maple is a tree that can add a glorious look to your landscape. A noticeable feature of this plant is that it produces scarlet red leaves in October every year. The plant is widely adaptable to the soil type in Rochester, NY, and as long as you grow it under the right conditions, you’re sure to get the best results every year. 

Concerning its appearance, the October Glory Maple takes a central focus you can’t miss. It makes a lovely addition to any garden and requires minimal effort to maintain its excellent fall color, unlike other red maple specimens that require more. 

Provide the October Glory Maple an excellent growing condition to see it thrive more than you ever imagined. You must have nutrient-rich soil and ensure you water it adequately. The plant should enjoy enough sunlight under a partial shade.

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

Fall colors. Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

The Autumn Blaze Maple is a product of crossing between the Silver and the Red Maples. The result is a fusion of the best attributes of both Maple trees in the Autumn Blaze Maple. It has an excellent appearance from its early growth stage as it adds a minimum of three feet per year.

You can plant the Autumn Blaze Maple in various ways, depending on the vision you have for your garden. You can group a single-yard tree with other trees to form a fence. After planting, you wouldn’t wait long before you begin to see it grow. 

Regular watering of your garden will help Autumn Blaze Maple grow quickly. You don’t need fertilizers in its first year, but as it grows older, you can add nitrogen-rich fertilizers to aid its growth.

Redbud Flamethrower Tree

Redbud Flamethrower Tree

Redbud Flamethrower is another fantastic plant option to create attractive fall colors in your garden. The tree grows heart-shaped leaves that appear in a vibrant maroon/red color that takes a focal point wherever it is planted. Planting it gives your garden a decorative touch. 

For Redbud Flamethrower to thrive in your fall garden, you’ll require well-drained soil with moderate acidity, partial sunlight, and consistent watering. You can add fertilizer to the plant to further enhance its growth. When it grows, ensure you prune moderately to maintain its shape. 

Fothergilla Mount Airy Shrub

Fall color. Fothergilla Mount Airy Shrub

Fothergilla Mount Airy remains a great option, especially if you want varieties in your garden. It produces a snowy white flowery appearance during spring and transforms into attractive hues of orange, yellow, red, and purple colors during fall. Its short height doesn’t stop it from being a desirable shrub among several plant enthusiasts and horticulturalists.

Itea Henry’s Garnet

Itea Henry’s Garnet

The Henry’s Garnet ranks high on horticulturists’ list of the best shrubs that retain their appealing look for three seasons. From the closing days of spring till the middle of summer, you will surely get a cluster of attractive shrubs that transform into a colorful range of burgundy red, orange, and gold during fall. It’s a good selection for natural gardening. 

Itea Henry’s Garnet is a versatile shrub suitable for different locations. If you want it to grow correctly, plant it in a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil with adequate sun exposure. Consistently doing this means getting a Henry’s Garnet up to 6 feet tall and wide.


Fall colors. Pink chrysanthemum flowers

Diversify the fall color in your garden by adding Chrysanthemum flowers to the mix of plants. It is one of the most beautiful perennial flowers with different petal arrangements that blossom in different colors. The plant mainly grows in white and yellow but can also come in purple and deep burgundy. 

People find Chrysanthemum so endearing because of the beautiful floral scent it produces. A walk through the section of your garden with this flower is sure to create a nasal relief because of its antioxidant properties. Both family and friends would find this impressive if you could add it to your garden.

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