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Edging and Mulching Services

Keep your planting beds looking clean and crisp year round

Are your landscape beds and outdoor spaces looking a little ragged? Our edging and mulching services can help.

Our Expert Staff Will Leave Your Landscape Beds Looking Crisp And Neat

First, we hand weed and edge all planting beds and tree rings.  Next, we ensure there is at least 2″ of the mulch evenly spread using triple ground hardwood mulch in your landscape beds and natural areas. 

Great attention to detail is used to make sure mulch depths are at the proper height and bed edges are well defined and smooth. Manicured edges and fresh mulch at the right depth keep your planting beds healthy.  

Even better, our edging and mulching typically takes us less than a day to complete. Which means your landscape beds will be freshened up in no time. 

Need Your Planting Beds Freshened Up?

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Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is an essential practice for maintaining a healthy and thriving landscape. It offers many benefits that go beyond appearance. Here are some key advantages of mulching:

Helps Retain Moisture

Mulch acts as a natural barrier between soil and air. It prevents water from evaporating too quickly. This helps your soil retain the right moisture level for your landscape plants. By keeping them from drying out, mulch helps reduce watering needs and conserves this valuable resource.  

Helps Control Weeds

We apply up to 2 inches of triple ground hardwood mulch to all landscape beds. This mulch layer prevents sunlight from reaching weed seeds. By slowing their growth, you’ll have to weed less frequently, saving time and effort.  

Helps Regulate Soil Temperature

Mulch acts as insulation for the soil, protecting it from extreme temperature fluctuations. This helps to create a more stable environment for plant roots, promoting healthy growth. 

Provides a Nutrient Boost

As mulch breaks down over time, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients. This natural fertilization process enhances your garden’s fertility. That means you won’t have to rely on repeated fertilizer application to ensure thriving plants.  

Benefits of Edging

Like mulching, edging has several important benefits for your landscape:

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Edging creates clear boundaries between different areas of your outdoor space. It’s an effective way to define flower beds and other landscaped areas. Edging provides polish, creating a clean and neat appearance. This instantly adds a touch of elegance to your property. 

Improved Landscape Maintenance

By creating distinct borders, edging makes it easier to maintain your lawn and planting beds. It helps keep grass and mulch in their own areas. Keeping them separated not only looks better, but also creates a more organized and manageable landscape. 

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

You may be wondering how often you will need our edging and mulching services. To keep your landscape looking its best year-round, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some recommended maintenance schedules for edging and mulching: 

Mulch Renewal

Mulch should be replenished at least once per year, depending on how quickly it breaks down. Mulch that is located in full sun exposure with frequent irrigation will deteriorate faster. In those areas, it may be necessary to renew it by turning it over. In shady, natural areas without irrigation, once a year is probably sufficient 

Spring and fall are ideal times for mulch renewal, although it can be touched up at any time. This ensures your garden stays hydrated, weed free, and looks fantastic.  

Edging Touch-Ups

Maintaining clean looking edge lines requires regular attention. If you’ve experienced heavy rainfall or had any landscaping work done, it can shift or damage the edging. Left unchecked, drainage can worsen, or weeds and grass can creep into flower beds Benson Enterprises keeps an eye on the condition of your edging as part of our landscape maintenance plan 

Ready For Pristine Beds?

Our expert and detail-oriented edging and mulching services will transform your outdoor space.

Tony, Nicho and Mike came out today to mulch/edge/weed. Could not have been more impressed. They were extremely professional and thorough, not to mention the landscaping looks outstanding. Would definitely recommend Benson Enterprises (especially this crew)!

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