The Benefits of Using Hardwood Mulch for Your Landscape

Hardwood mulch is placed on the front porch.

Mulch serves as a protective layer spread over the surface of the soil. It is designed to reduce erosion, maintain soil temperature and moisture retention, and prevent the germination of weed seeds. It acts as a shield for the soil and strengthens the roots of trees and garden vegetation. For visual appeal, especially when choosing the appropriate hardwood mulch enhances the look of your landscape by creating a clean and consistent look.  

As a widely used landscape material, mulch comes in many varieties each with its own benefits. Hardwood mulch is a popular choice among home and business owners for two reasons. It looks great and its organic properties helps maintain a healthy landscape.  

This guide discusses various kinds of hardwood mulch and the specific benefits of using it. 

Defining Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood mulch stands out for its inherent durability and toughness, as reflected in its name. Unlike softer wood types, hardwood comes from a specific family of trees. This includes species such as hickory, maple, oak, beech, birch, ash, and walnut. 

These trees are highly resistant to physical damage. Their hardness makes them ideal for high-grade lumber used in making furniture and hardwood floors. A benchmark for assessing the quality of these hardwoods is testing their ability to withstand over 1,000 pounds of pressure without showing any damage. In landscaping, this characteristic ensures that hardwood mulch remains effective for a considerably longer period compared to other mulching materials. 

Organic vs Inorganic Hardwood Mulch

Organic Hardwood Mulch

Organic mulches originating from previously living materials, gradually break down over time. This natural process enriches your lawn and garden beds with vital nutrients. Eventually becoming a magnet for earthworms and other favorable microorganisms. Some types of organic mulch are: 

  • Wood Chips 
  • Wood Nuggets 
  • Wood Bark 

Inorganic Hardwood Mulch

In contrast to organic wood mulches, inorganic mulches consist of natural or synthetic materials. As a result, these types of mulch do not undergo significant decomposition, offering the advantage of durability and less frequent need to replenish. For example, certain dyed hardwood mulch contains carbon or iron oxide to give the black or red tint. 

Types of Hardwood Mulch

Shredded Hardwood

When spread, this mulch resembles a mat covering the ground. The fine, thinner pieces of wood lock together to retain moisture. This texture adds a sleek, uniform look to the landscape and effectively suppresses weed growth. Its dense composition helps reduce evaporation, providing a stable environment for plant roots. For sloped areas, shredded hardwood mulch remains in place even after heavy rain showers or windy days. 

Shredded hardwood type

Colored Hardwood

Colored hardwood mulch holds the same benefits as regular hardwood mulch. For homeowners wanting an added decorative element, they prefer colored mulch. The colors of the mulch come from non-toxic dyes that are safe for both plants and soil. With a variety of colors to choose from, colored hardwood mulch allows you to customize your landscape design while still providing all the practical benefits of traditional hardwood mulch. 

Benefits of Hardwood Mulch

  • Inhibits the germination of weeds and other unwanted plant growth. 
  • Helps retain soil moisture, effectively reducing the need for frequent watering by preventing rapid water evaporation. 
  • Offers a denser composition compared to other mulching materials, ensuring it remains in place and minimizes displacement. Overall, reducing maintenance efforts required to keep landscaping areas neat and orderly. 
  • Gradually release essential nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down, enhancing the fertility and overall health of the ground beneath. 
  • Hardwood mulch also acts as an insulator, keeping the soil warmer in colder months and cooler during hot summer days. 
  • By minimizing soil splash during heavy rain, hardwood mulch helps prevent the spread of soil-borne diseases such as fungal and bacterial infections. 
  • Reduces the chances of damage from frost heaving. Hardwood mulch acts as a protective layer, moderating soil temperature fluctuations and reducing this risk. 

Why Benson Enterprises Uses Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch

Triple-ground hardwood mulch is a favorite of ours here at Benson Enterprises, due to being the highest quality type of hardwood mulch available for landscaping. It’s made from a blend of three different types of hardwood that undergoes a rigorous process. Including triple-shredding, grinding, and dyeing, to achieve its fine texture, rich color, superior strength, and longevity. 

In comparison to big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, our mulch is purely sourced hardwood. Purchasing from home improvement companies supplying mulch typically consists of vines, twigs, and other unwanted materials.  

triple ground hardwood mulch landscaping

Benefits of Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch

  • Thanks to its fine, evenly-sized texture, hardwood mulch provides a uniform appearance. 
  • Resists wind and water erosion better than other types of mulch. 
  • Contains natural oils and resins that repel insects, reducing the risk of pest infestations in your landscape. 
  • Retains its rich color for a more extended period compared to regular hardwood mulch, giving your landscape a vibrant aesthetic appeal. 


In summary, there are a wide range of benefits of using hardwood mulch. Between organic and inorganic hardwood mulch, choosing the right mulch impacts longevity, plant health, and the aesthetics of your landscape. Hardwood mulch differs in size and functions which plays a critical role in the maintenance and sustainability of certain landscapes. 

At Benson Enterprises, using high-quality and long-lasting materials is a priority. Your landscape is in great hands! For professional landscaping services to enhance your outdoor space, check out our website to learn more about mulching services this season. 

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