Landscape Maintenance

Providing Expert Residential Landscape Maintenance Services to the Greater Rochester Area

Choosing our lawn care and landscape maintenance services means investing in the long-term beauty and health of your outdoor spaces. At Benson Enterprises, we take pride in delivering exceptional results and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Whether you need basic maintenance services or a whole yard transformation, we are committed to providing friendly, reliable, and professional services. 

Transform Your Landscape with Benson Enterprises’ Professional Maintenance Services.

LandCare Program

Our LandCare program is a regularly scheduled maintenance program which includes a comprehensive range of landscape maintenance services. With our regular LandCare visits, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your outdoor space is in capable hands.

Shrub and Tree Pruning

Maintaining healthy and well-shaped shrubs and trees is crucial for the overall aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Our shrub and tree pruning service is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your plants while promoting their health.


A well-manicured lawn is the centerpiece of any beautiful landscape. Our weekly lawn mowing service is contracted annually, ensuring that your lawn remains healthy, lush, and perfectly trimmed throughout the year. By entrusting your lawn care to us, you can enjoy your weekends without worrying about the tedious task of mowing.

Edging and Mulching

Creating defined edges and applying fresh mulch can instantly transform the look of your landscape. Our edging and mulching services provide a clean and polished finish to your beds and walkways. With our meticulous attention to detail, your landscape will exude a well-maintained and professional appearance.

Yard Clean Up Services

Our yard clean up services are designed to restore the beauty of your outdoor space. Whether it's a spring cleanup to remove winter debris, a fall cleanup to clear away fallen leaves, or a general cleanup before a big event, our team will handle the task efficiently and effectively.

Product Labels

Bensone Enterpises uses the latest in herbicides and pesticides to best care for our customers landscapes. For detailed information please see our product labels page.

Contact Benson Enterprises today and leave the landscape maintenance to us!

Benson’s landscape has done our home landscape maintenance for over ten years. They do great, meticulous work. They will always make it perfect, even if it means coming back. Luis Antonio, Ramon, Esteban, Kaleb, and Derek were just out doing our yearly pruning, trimming, and mulching and out yard looks beautiful. They planted 3 new trees and they look great.

Our patio was getting up in years and we were getting weeds between the stones. We also had a section that needed to be dug out and lowered for a more consistent flow. The guys from Benson (Jose and Sender) did a terrific job. It required quite a bit of skill, patience and stamina. The patio looks new and we're very happy with it.

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