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If you’re looking for experienced retaining wall installers in Victor and the Rochester area, look no further than Benson Enterprises. With over thirty years in the industry, our team of skilled experts can transform your residential landscape. Retaining walls serve important functional purposes. Done right, they can also create an attractive focal point that will beautify your outdoor space

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The Benefits of Retaining Walls in Residential Landscaping

Retaining walls offer several advantages when it comes to enhancing your landscape. Here are some key benefits to consider:  

Erosion Control

Preventing soil erosion is one of the primary functions of a retaining wall. By preventing slope movement, retaining walls ensure the stability of your outdoor spaces.  

More Usable Outdoor Space

If your yard has steep slopes or uneven terrain, retaining walls can create terraces or leveled areas. This helps increase your usable space for gardens, patios, and outdoor living.  

Visual Appeal

Retaining walls add visual interest to your landscape. The material and design can be customized to match your personal style. They’re a great way to bring balance and beauty to your property.

Improved Drainage

Retaining walls help manage water runoff by directing it away from your home. This helps prevent flooding and water damage. Properly designed retaining walls can direct the flow of water to different areas of your landscape, aiding irrigation.  

Types of Retaining Wall Materials

Choosing the right material for your retaining wall depends on the location, your needs, and your design preferences. Here are some popular choices:  

Split Face Blocks

Durable and versatile, split face blocks are the most common choice for retaining walls. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes it easy to create a custom design to best suit your landscape.  

Natural Stone

Natural stone offers a timeless, natural look. These walls blend well with the surrounding environment and provide excellent durability.  

Treated Timber

Treated timber is an economical choice. It provides rustic charm and is often used in more natural or organic landscapes.  

Integrating Retaining Wall Hardscapes with Softscape Plantings

To create a balanced and visually appealing landscape, it’s important to mix hardscapes with softscape plantings.  

Choose the Right Plants

Choose plants that soften and complement the overall style of your retaining walls. Consider factors such as height, texture, and bloom time to create visual appeal in every season.    

Layer Plantings

Create depth by incorporating different plant heights and arranging them in layers. Tall shrubs or ornamental grasses can soften the vertical lines of the retaining wall, while cascading plants or groundcovers can spill over the edges.

Include Strategic Placement

Position plants to highlight the retaining wall’s features and create focal points. They can draw attention to certain areas or soften the overall structure of the wall.

Importance of Retaining Wall Drainage 

Proper drainage is crucial for the long-term stability of your retaining walls. Here’s why it matters:  

Prevents Soil Saturation

Drainage systems help prevent water from saturating the soil behind walls. This can cause erosion and lead to structural damage. Additionally, the use of geogrid mesh for taller retaining walls helps stabilize the soil. 

Reduces Hydrostatic Pressure n

Hydrostatic pressure means the pressure that water exerts on a surface when it’s standing still. It can lead to leaning or even collapse. By channeling water away from the wall, a well-designed drainage system reduces this pressure.  

Keeps the Retaining Wall Looking Its Best

Adequate drainage can help prevent water stains, which can mar your wall’s appearance.

Extends Lifespan

Proper drainage also helps prevent damage from freezing and thawing cycles. That means your retaining wall will function well for years to come.  

Retaining Wall Installation

All walls, either natural or modular, will be constructed on a minimum 6″ crushed stone base. The first course, or toe of the wall, will be set 1-12” below grade depending on the final height of the wall. After the first course is laid, the wall stone is stacked in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.  

All walls will be backfilled with washed stone. Based on site conditions, wall height and product selection a 4″ perforated pipe will be installed behind the wall(s) along with geo grid. Cap stones for the wall are then installed. If the wall is curvilinear, the caps will be cut for a snug fit. The caps are adhered to the top of the wall with outdoor specific adhesive.  

We then bring the final grade up to the back of the wall. Benson Enterprises guarantees your wall not to settle for two years baring improper builders grading or other reason unrelated to the craftsmanship of the work.  

We search plant nurseries and growers throughout the northeast to procure the most appropriate plants for each job. Our highly trained people use the correct and proper methods of installing plant materials, stone walls, water features, patios, and formal gardens.  

If you’ve been searching for the best retaining wall installers “near me,” you’ve come to the right place. The landscape professionals at Benson Enterprises offer reliable, high-quality services delivered with the utmost expertise.  

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