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The Benson LandCare Program

Keep your property looking it’s spotless best throughout the year

Proper maintenance is essential to protect the look, usability, and value of your property. Our comprehensive Landcare Program is designed to keep your property well-manicured and attractive with regularly scheduled services.

Our dedicated LandCare Team is here to maintain your landscape on a routine basis. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service options throughout the year.   

Through exceptional service and attention to detail, we will consistently maintain the healthy, manicured look of your landscaped areas. Scheduled visits may include the following services: 

  • Light pruning and trimming of plantings, performed at the appropriate times to maintain shape 
  • Cultivating your mulch for a fresh and clean look 
  • Weed removal in planting beds, sidewalks and patios 
  • Power edging of driveways and sidewalks 
  • Maintaining the Edge of planting beds   
  • General clean up and removal of debris from planting beds, driveway, patios and walkways 
  • Routinely monitoring of plant health with suggestions on improvements or replacements 

The Benson LandCare Program Difference

Experience The Benefits of Enhanced Curb Appeal and Healthier Plants. 

A well-maintained outdoor area offers numerous advantages to homeowners. Here are some key benefits of investing in regular landscape maintenance such as the Benson Landcare Program:

Your property’s exterior creates the first impression for family, friends, guests and passersby. Our expert team ensures your landscape remains vibrant, tidy, and inviting.

A beautifully landscaped property not only looks good but can also add value to your real estate investment. Regular maintenance such as pruning, trimming, and clean-up helps protect and enhance your property value, making it more appealing to potential buyers. 

Through our Landcare Program, we provide the necessary care to promote the health of your plants and shrubs. Our skilled professionals offer trimming, weed control, and other services to ensure your landscape thrives throughout the seasons. 

Maintaining a landscape can take up a lot of your valuable time. It can also be physically demanding. By entrusting the work to professionals, you don’t have the stress of ongoing maintenance. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful landscape. 

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

We're ready to maintain your landscape so you don't have to!

I use Benson for my landscaping needs during the summer months. They come once a month to do basic bed maintenance and clean-up, pruning plants, bushes, caring for flower beds, mulching etc. They are good about calling the day before to say they are coming, they are PUNCTUAL, they do a good job and they follow up afterwards to be sure you are SATISFIED. Their prices are fair. I would recommend them. I have a monthly contract with them from May through October.

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