Yard Clean Up Services

Spruce up your landscape with our yard clean up services. 

Investing in professional yard clean up services not only saves you time and effort but also helps you create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. Whether you need a one-time event clean up or regular seasonal maintenance, the Benson Enterprises team is here to transform your yard.

Our team of experienced landscapers will revitalize your outdoor space, leaving it looking immaculate and inviting. Discover the benefits of hiring professional yard clean up services.

Need Yard Clean Up Services?

Spring Yard Clean Up

As the cold winter months fade away, it’s time to prepare your yard for spring. Our spring yard clean up services will rejuvenate your outdoor space, setting the stage for a vibrant growing season


Lawn areas will be hand raked for a thorough cleaning. 

Debris Removal

We will remove leaves, twigs, and other debris that have built up over the winter. This allows your lawn to breathe and promotes healthy growth.

Bed Maintenance


Our team will clean and prepare your flower beds and remove debris. We can also replenish soil and mulch as needed.  

When we are done, your yard will be neat and clean and ready for the growing season. Debris will be left curbside, where you specify, or removed from your property. 


Fall Yard Clean Up

Before the cold weather sets in, it’s crucial to prepare your yard for winter’s arrival. Our fall yard clean up services will ensure that your property is ready to weather the elements and emerge vibrant in the spring. 

We will come out for (1) to (3) visits, depending on the trees around your landscape.  

Here’s what our fall leaf clean up entails: 

Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves not only create a messy appearance but also block sunlight. This can promote fungus and/or snow mold and keep your lawn from thriving. We will also rake out your planting beds for a thorough cleaning  

Gutter Cleaning


Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and other issues during the winter. Our team will blow off your roof and clean your gutters, removing leaves by hand. This can help prevent potential structural damage. 

Bed Maintenance


You can also request that we cut back your perennials and remove your annuals. Our experts will prune overgrown branches and remove dead foliage. This promotes healthier growth and reduces the risk of damage from winter storms. 

Cleaning Up Your Property Before a Big Outdoor Event

Are you hosting a backyard wedding, family reunion, or a neighborhood barbecue? Make sure your property is in top shape to impress your guests. Our yard clean up services can prepare your outdoor space for the big event. We will ensure that everything looks impeccable. Here’s how we can help: 

  • Leaf Control  
  • Debris Removal  

Partner with a Yard Clean Up Professional

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We hired Benson Enterprises for a long overdue clean up and planting new perennials. Our salesmen Ben came promptly after we called for an estimate and the work was scheduled in 2 weeks. Pedro, Carlos and Ezequiel arrived at 8:00 AM and never stopped working. They never cut corners, went above and beyond our expectations with the work they completed. Their attention to the smallest details made the difference in our beautifully landscaped yard. Great crew, excellent company.

Landscaping and yard clean up, seeding, mowing, bed maintenance, spring and fall clean up, pruning & maintenance of a water feature. I have used Benson for over fifteen years. They are very professional, RELIABLE, excellent to work with and the cost is competitive being lower than many others

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