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Lawn Mowing Service

We all want a well-maintained and attractive yard. A lawn full of healthy green grass is an essential part of that.

After all, your lawn is more than just grass. It’s an important part of your overall landscape. That’s why our professional lawn mowing service adheres to the highest standards.

Our Lawn Service Includes:

On a weekly, contract basis:

In order to provide the best quality service, our services are crew-based and we limit our lawn mowing service to local service areas and our full-service customers.

Good news! It is easy to enjoy the benefit of being a Benson Enterprises full-service customer.

Full-Service Customer Criteria

A full-service customer is one that has annual service that include at least (2) of the following:

At Benson Enterprises, our approach is to provide total care for your property while keeping to a standard of excellence and attention to every detail. A healthy lawn is the perfect compliment to any two (or more) of our regular services and will keep your property looking its absolute best.

Our Lawn Mowing Service Area

We only mow lawns in certain areas of Pittsford and Victor to provide dependable and prompt service to our customers. Please contact us or give us a call at (585) 248-0452 to see if your property is within our service area.

Looking for a Professional Lawn Mowing Service in Victor or Pittsford?

Beautifully Maintained Lawns, Done for You

Mowing the lawn can be hard work, especially if you have a large yard and don’t own or need a riding mower! It also needs to be done regularly in the growing season, come rain or shine – and whether you are busy, tired, or under the weather.

Additionally, if the blades are not sharp or the grass is mowed at the wrong height, improper mowing will do more harm than good to your lawn’s health and beauty.

At Benson, we use only commercial grade mowers and follow a regular schedule of blade sharpening and blade replacement, to ensure a quality cut for your grass. We regularly mow the grass to maintain the ideal height. We aim for a length that is neither too short nor too long. This helps to create a neat and attractive appearance.

Benefits of our professional mowing services include:

Let the professionals at Benson care for your lawn for you. We have the knowledge, expertise, time, and equipment to make sure your lawn is cared for regularly and in the proper manner.

Why Lawn Maintenance Is Important

More than just a good-looking lawn.

Keeping your lawn well-maintained results in more than just an attractive appearance. Regular mowing keeps grass from becoming overgrown, which invites a range of problems. Untended lawns are vulnerable to weeds, pest infestation, and various fungal diseases.

Additionally, grass can go to seed if allowed unchecked growth. When that happens, it looks more like weeds than blades of grass. Tall grass also provides a hiding place for unwanted pests like snakes and rodents. In keeping your lawn mowed and well-maintained, you’ll create a healthy growth environment and reduce unwanted problems.

Want a Reliable and Professional Mowing Service?

These guys are 10/10 - would recommend and have recommended them. We use them for mowing, mulching, bed maintenance, fall and spring clean-up. Recently we worked with Ben-sons to put in a stone deck and was so impressed. Beautiful work. Efficient and reliable.

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