Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

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Enhancing your outdoor space can come in many forms: potting plants, furniture upgrades, sculpting pathways, and more. However, without proper lighting design, your outdoor space disappears into the dark.  

While it may seem like a simple project, there are many options to choose from. Get inspired by our various outdoor landscape lighting ideas! 

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting appeals to both form and function. Lighting around walkways provides a beautiful aesthetic, making an otherwise dark walkway a warm and welcoming place to stroll. In addition, it can help you safely maneuver in the evenings by providing a clear path to your front door.  

One great option for walkway lighting is to use solar lamps. They are particularly popular because they don’t need to connect to wiring. Furthermore, it is convenient to install and a budget-friendly option for those trying to keep their utility bills down. Most importantly, solar lamps are energy efficient and a sustainable source of power. 

However, if your walkways are generally shaded, you may want to consider other options.  

Pathway Lighting

Hanging Rope Lights

Rope lights underneath a deck or along a wall of your home create a beautiful indirect light for everyday use. Hanging rope lights are easy to install and hover between buildings or require poles for a draped look. For more concentrated lighting, place them along the top of your outdoor walls. Nevertheless, the best method for your outdoor space depends on the size of the area you want the rope light to cover.  

Hanging Rope Lights

As an added bonus, this lighting comes in many different colors. Customize the mood of your outdoor space with bright colors or a classic warm white. Some systems even sync with music, great for large gatherings and parties! 

Wall Lights

Adding light fixtures on your wall is a perfect outdoor lighting solution for narrow areas, like side yards. Side yards generally need consistent lighting without consuming too much space. Traditional outdoor wall lights are out and modern or decorative styles are in! A modern style, coupled with your home design, makes for a great opportunity to explore a variety of lamp and sconce styles.  

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are different from traditional string lights. Typically, they have small bulbs placed very close to each other on a single strand. Their copper or silver string allow for flexible movement and placement. Often times available in either white or yellow light to create a simple, ethereal look. 

Stringing fairy lights around bushes or through railings throughout your property can give it a light and magical feel. For a seasonal touch, add fairy lights for great subtle accent lighting for outdoor decorations! 

Fairy Lights

Motion Sensing Lights

Motion sensing lights are a great option for security, convenience, and energy efficiency. Triggered by movement, they’re quick to draw attention to unwelcome visitors throughout the night. 

For garden lighting, this is especially important. Motion sensing technology scares off unwanted pests attempting to eat your vegetation. There is no need for a light switch – they simply turn on when you enter the area for convenience. 

The automatic power switch is great for managing power and electricity bills. As opposed to voltage lighting, they require an off switch to power down. Motion sensor lights rely solely on motion to activate, turning off with no motion detected.  

Motion Sensing Lights

Retaining Wall Lights

If you have a retaining wall, its benefits include: preventing erosion, adding visual interest to your landscape, and improving drainage. However, they provide a great place to add another light source to your yard! Lining with short lamps – similar to walkway lighting – will show off any flower beds you have above your retaining wall.  

Retaining walls with small ledges are great for downlights. Downlights emulate moonlight or a downwards cast of natural light. Place a series of downlights under the ledge to add a gentle glow to the area. Covering these lights with shades prevents any unwanted light pollution.  


If you have a large outdoor area, there’s nothing better than a high-performance floodlight. They expand over a wide space, bright enough to cover a large distance. For shadowy backyards or large outdoor, this is an ideal choice to brighten up the area.  

Consider using LED lighting to create a focal point with great exposure. While these light bulbs may be extremely bright, avoid placing the fixtures directly into another’s home or property. The lighting may be invasive and damaging if not placed in the proper location. 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Cozy resort by the lake in the conifer forest at night

It’s important to realize there are many options when choosing outdoor lighting. Whether you are highlighting a water feature, a fire pit, or any part of your outdoor space, the options depend on the space. No matter which you choose, there are plenty of benefits to adding lighting to your outdoor living space! 

Exterior lighting impacts curb appeal, visibility, and safety. Enhancing your outdoor space is simply an extension of your home. The process of improving the ambiance and overall value of your home begins here. Adding these elements can make your home more inviting to potential buyers and guests alike.  

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