Five Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas for 2023

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Planning an Outdoor Winter Wonderland

Get ready to unwrap the magic of the holiday season with stunning outdoor Christmas lighting and decor ideas! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to usher in a festive outdoor look that is sure to spread holiday cheer this year.  

Christmas will be here before you know it and it’s time to start planning how youll decorate your home to really wow your family and friends this time around. If you’re stuck on how to top your decor from last year, you’ve come to the right place. Grab a warm cup of hot cocoa and get those creative juices flowing with beautiful outdoor Christmas lighting and decor ideas that will make your home feel warm and welcoming this holiday season.  

Cozy Modern Farmhouse Style

Pairing modern metals with rustic wood and textured elements are signatures of a casual modern farmhouse style. Get started on this cheerful holiday design with these helpful tips. 

  • Color palette: Stick to more muted reds, greens, grays, and whites to give your decor a fresh and timeless vibe.  
  • Hang vintage lanterns filled with fairy lights on your porch for a charming look.  
  • Bring in reclaimed wood for homemade signs, sleighs, or other rustic decor pieces.  
  • Use magnolia leaves for beautifully lighted garlands and wreaths.  
  • Display evergreen foliage in galvanized metal planters by the front door to frame the entrance with a chic farmhouse feel. Line your walkway or front porch steps with simple luminaries with battery-powered lights to create a lighted pathway to your home and maximize curb appeal. 
  • Take a peek at antique stores to find old sleds you can decorate, light up and set on your front porch, or thoughtfully place in your yard to add character to your outdoor Christmas decor. 
  • Incorporate any family heirlooms or special ornaments to make your outdoor decor unique to you.  
  • Drape string lights around your porch swing to create a cozy spot for mingling with friends and family.   
  • Pull out your childhood ice skates and fill the boot with a bundle of greenery and holly berries to hang together or separately on a door or window on your front porch or even position them by your front door. 
Modern Farmhouse

Luxurious Christmas Decor

The sky is the limit when decorating with luxurious Christmas decor. This style is incredibly flexible, leaving room for you to go all out, or minimize the number of elements you feel is most beautiful. 

  • Lighting plays a huge role in achieving this look, from rich fabrics to gold and silver accents, thoughtfully lit to create a sense of traditional holiday magic. 
  • Add lighted chiffon ribbon to front porch Christmas tree planters.  
  • Hang lighted spheres from trees in the front yard.  
  • Arrange red poinsettias in small clusters on your front porch and entry ways.  
  • Place clear net lights on shrubs for added brilliance to your outdoor landscape. 
  • Play up the gold sparkle with lighted garland on porch railing, columns, and stair rails. 
  • Adorn porch lights with an arched swag of greenery and holly berries behind the fixture. 
Luxurious Christmas Decor

Natural Aesthetic

Beauty comes in many forms. With a natural aesthetic, we highlight the beauty of the earth and its bounty of simple elements that create an inviting space. Guests and family will enjoy celebrating the season with you in an understated environment that harkens back to a simpler time.  

  • Incorporate natural elements into your decor like organic trimmings, live garland, real oranges, cranberries, and pinecones to elicit a woodland feel. 
  • Color palette: Consists of soft beige, natural browns, grays. 
  • Tree ornaments: Natural wood snowflakes, burlap ribbon, wooden beads, bird feathers.  
  • Garland: popcorn, dried citrus, eucalyptus, pinecone. 
  • Choose linen or muslin accent pillows to soften outdoor seating with a natural touch. 
  • Wood Slice Wreath for the front door creates a natural, earthy look. 
  • Create a winter berry box to add a pop of color to your otherwise neutral palette. 
Natural Christmas

Color Scheme Change Up

Were all familiar with the traditional primary colors of Christmas – red and green. The rules are changing as color trends are expanding into bold shades that pack a punch of style. This is a great option if youre searching for a very different color palette to make a statement in your space. 

  • Expand your holiday color palette by using dark and medium blues as primary colors, paired with accent colors of cream, gold, and silver.  
  • Explore European-inspired antique color palettes in gray-hued greens, burnt orange, dark crimson red and deep purple. 
  • Don’t be afraid to go with a bright color scheme like magenta for an unexpected burst of color. Accent with matte and glittered finishes. 
  • Pair your bold magenta with complementary jewel tone colors like amethyst or sapphire blue. 
  • Add a magenta and jewel-toned wreath made from varying sizes of plastic Christmas ornaments for a little holiday panache! 
Color Scheme Change Up

Antique Decor

Classic. Timeless. Stunning. Christmas memories have always had a place in our holiday traditions. Antique decor can surface those memories from a bygone era that allows us to reflect on Christmases past. In this example, weve selected a Victorian Era Christmas, but there are a number of antique decor themes you can choose. 

  • What better way to capture the essence of an old-world Christmas than displaying antique toys and gifts from the time period: Rocking horses, spinning tops, antique clocks, trinket boxes. 
  • Color Palette: Rich burgundy, sage green, gray-blue, mauve, plum, gold. 
  • Find an antique sled and string lights on it with a bundle of evergreen & berries to add to your outdoor winter scape. Add a decorated top hat to the sled for added Victorian appeal. 
  • Tree ornaments: spinning tops, drums, trumpets, alphabet blocks and animals were popular during the 19th century. 
  • If you have a large window on the front of your house, replicate a storefront window that celebrates the joy of the season. Feature vintage toys, trinkets, gifts under a small Victorian Christmas tree. 
  • Get your hands on a reproduction oil lamp and make a ring of greenery and berries at the base for added character. You can drop in a battery-powered LED candle to give it warmth. 
light up your yard this Christmas

We hope youre inspired to get started on your Christmas decorating with a variety of decor options and ideas on how to pull each look together. Remember that thoughtful lighting in your decorated space will add to the warmth and comfort of your decor. Need help with your Christmas decor and lighting? Give Benson Enterprises a call today.

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