Shield Your Landscaping from the Harsh Winter and Deer

Shield Your Landscaping from the Harsh Winter and Deer

Shield Your Landscaping from the Harsh Winter and Deer

Let us protect your trees and shrubs with Burlap or Deer Netting.

We can also install Snow Fencing for you, too!


The harsh, cold winters can cause severe damage to landscape plants so protect your trees and shrubs from winter wind, snow and deer damage.

The most effective winter protection for trees and shrubs is burlap. Burlap prevents wind and salt, as well as preventing deer damage.

Winter sun and cold temperatures can dry out evergreen foliage, damage bark, and injure or kill branches, flower buds, and roots.  Snow and ice can break branches and topple entire trees.


In addition, wind burn can damage evergreens causing them to lose their foliage.  The damaged areas can be pruned out in the Spring and then most will flush out new growth in the Spring.  Winter burn can be so severe that affected plants may die and/or require replacement.  Plants exposed to drying winter sun and winds are more likely to be injured.


Deer Netting, and the black stakes we use, blend in to protect your landscape from deer damage.  We can also take care of your Snow Fencing installation.

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