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New Lawn Care

Full Service from Start to Finish

When you hire Benson Enterprises, we will explain and show you the proper care of your new plantings and hardscape. We also provide a full range of maintenance services to help keep your property looking lush and healthy.

Lawn Maintenance Tips
  • Watering your new lawn with a sprinkler when the seed is germinating and during the hot and dry times will ensure a healthy lawn. Your newly seeded lawn will need to be watered 1-2x’s during the day to ensure quick germination and then 3-4x’s per week for one to two weeks after your new seed begins to sprout. Then follow a regular watering schedule during the growing season based on the weather and the needs of your lawn.

    During the germination of your new seed, you want to water only enough to soak the area and avoid over-watering which may wash the seed away. After the lawn has established itself, water 1/8”-1/4” per time and move your sprinkler around to cover all areas. Be sure to get total coverage and not to leave small patches of dry area.

  • You can start cutting your new lawn when it reaches about 3.5” in length. Be careful for the first few mowings as your new lawn is tender and the ground may be soft in areas (watch your turns).

    When mowing lawns, return the clippings to the lawn in order to fully utilize the nutrients and moisture contained in the clippings. Clippings add to the organic matter of the soil and encourage good microbial populations.

    When mowing lawns, set the mower to 3 inches mowing height. This mowing height promotes healthier lawns by keeping the lawn cooler, reducing soil temperatures, and reducing evaporation. In addition, the increased shade and lower temperatures will reduce unwanted crabgrass and reduce heat-loving insects such as chinch bugs. Raising the mowing height from 2 inches to 3 inches may not seem like much but it increases the amount of shade on the soil surface by 50%.

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