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Lawn Aeration

Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Over a period of time, soil becomes compacted by foot traffic, mowing, roots and rain. Also, dead roots and grass clippings can create a compact thatch buildup. Aeration punches holes through the thatch and loosens the soil to allow for the following benefits:

Lawn Aerations Benefits
  • relieves soil compaction
  • increases air, water and vital nutrient movement to the root zone
  • speeds up decomposition of thatch
  • improves drainage increases effectiveness of fertilizers and lawn care products

Core aeration strikes a cylindrical tube into the soil which then extracts a plug of soil, roots, and thatch. This plug, when pulled to the surface, creates a topdressing of organic material that breaks down and is released back into the soil. The hole, caused by the removal of the plug, allows an immediate area for the release of compaction, as well as access for the much needed air, water and nutrients to connect with the root zone.

Aeration not only opens up the ground, but also allows grass plants to breathe, makes better use of fertilizer, air and water, while promoting a deeper, healthier root system.

We recommend this service to be done about once a year to maintain a healthy lawn.

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