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We can do it all for you!

At Benson Enterprises we offer a full range of services from design through installation and maintenance.  Relax and let our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff transform your yard. Learn more about our services by selecting the service you are interested in.
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Our Guarantee

Backed by our full two year warranty, your landscape is guarded against defective materials, workmanship, and unhealthy plants.  With this guarantee, you can be confident that Benson Enterprises is going to be quality-driven from beginning to end.


Our landscape installation crews take every opportunity to install the landscape so it will thrive and endure for decades to come.  Our installation crews use the highest quality materials and plants available.  We search plant nurseries and growers throughout the northeast to procure the most appropriate plants for each job.  Our people are highly trained in the correct and proper methods of installing plant materials, stone walls, water features, patios, and formal gardens.

Walks and Patios

All walks and patios will be excavated to a depth of 8-12” below final grade.  The width of the walk or patio will be over-dug by 6” on each side.  A base of crushed stone will be installed to a depth of 5-9” and compacted with a tamper in 3” lifts in order to reduce settling.  A thin layer of stone dust will be laid in order to achieve the proper pitch and will also serve as a bedding layer for the walk material.  The material of your choice is then laid in the pattern you have selected.  A border course is then cut into the walk.  Restraint edging is then spiked into place.  This will help your walk to stay true to form.  Polymeric sand is then swept into the joints.  The poly sand acts as a grout which holds the pavers firmly in place and reduces weed growth.  A tamper is then run over the surface that will set the material firmly in place.  Finally your new walk is hosed down to reveal the final product. This method is used on all concrete paver products. Clay or natural materials will vary. Benson Enterprises guarantees your patio/walk not to settle or shift for two years baring improper builders grading or other reason unrelated to the craftsmanship of the work.  Please take a look at our portfolio of walks and patios.

Retaining Wall

All walls, either natural or modular, will be constructed on a minimum 6″ crushed stone base.  The first course, or toe of the wall, will be set 1-12” below grade depending on the final height of the wall.  After the first course is laid, the wall stone is stacked in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.  All retaining walls will be backfilled with washed stone.  Based on site conditions, wall height and product selection a 4″ perforated pipe will be installed behind the wall(s) along with geo grid.  Cap stones for the wall are then installed. If the wall is curvilinear, the caps will be cut for a snug fit.  The caps are adhered to the top of the wall with outdoor specific adhesive.  The final grade will then be brought up to the back of the wall. Benson Enterprises guarantees your retaining wall not to settle for two years baring improper builders grading or other reason unrelated to the craftsmanship of the work.  Please take a look at our portfolio of walls.

Bed Preparation and Planting

All necessary planting beds will be laid out ahead of time for the customer’s final approval.  An application of Round-Up will be sprayed in the planting beds to kill unwanted grass and weeds.  All planting holes are dug a minimum of one and a half times as wide as the root ball.  The planting hole is then backfilled using on-site soil along with a mix of compost and fertilizer.  The soil amendments are site and plant specific in order to gain maximum plant vigor.  If roto-tilling is desired, bed areas will be tilled to a depth of 4-6”.  During roto-tilling, compost and fertilizer are applied and worked into the soil.  All new plantings are watered-in to assure good plant survival. Benson Enterprises guarantees all new plant material for two years and will replace a defective plant one time with one of equal value.  The guarantee does not cover animal damage, vandalism, acts of nature, lack of care and transplanted material.  Please take a look at our portfolio of plantings.

All guarantees are good for two years from the time of installation

Our quoted price reflects the above standards.  Some methods will vary depending on material and site conditions.

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