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Patio Care

Maintain the Look and Feel of your Patio

Although your new patio is relatively maintenance-free, it may need occasional care. Avoid blowing grass clippings on your paver surface and try to keep it clear of debris that might sprout weed or grass. If you do have anything that grows between the spaces of the pavers, it can easily be solved by occasionally applying a spot weed control like Round Up.

Brick Maintenance

Your patio was installed with the highest of standards and built to last, but as time goes on a brick or two may settle. This is easily fixed by removing the sunken brick and adding a handful of sand. After the sand has been smoothed out with your hand, simply reinstall the brick. It might be necessary to seat the brick with a rubber mallett. If a rubber mallett is not available, use a scrap piece of wood and a carpenter’s hammer.

Enhancing your Patio

Apply a sealer to bring out its color and beauty. There are satin and glossy sheens available and we would be happy to show you samples. Sealing gives a similar look to a wet surface after it rains. We can provide this service to you once your walk or patio has been installed and has had time to weather for about six months or any time after that.

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